Kluang Homestay Villa an orchard sanctuary 013-7839857

Kluang Homestay Villa an orchard sanctuary 013-7839857

Kluang homestay villa an orchard sanctuary 013-7839857. It is perfect retreats for the weekend for the whole family or group.
2 Units single-storey semi-detached side by side homestay villa corner Lot.
5 KiKilometers drive to downtown, railway station, bus station, shopping mall and cinema complex.
2-3 minutes drive to Giant Supermarket, Petron a petrol kiosk and 24 hours Mc Donald outlet.
24 hours security guard compound.
5 feet fencing wall to ensure privacy.
Quite surrounding planted with rambutan, durian, longan, coconut, mangosteen, pandan and lemon, lime, Etlingera elatior and the Rhu tree.
Escape and retreat from the hustle and bustle city life. Occasionally you can see monkey leaping from tree to branch.
Occasionally, we can see the early birds singing at the tree branches.
A perfect villa to relax during the weekend, birthday party celebration, or wedding engagement. A 650 square feet spacious with 20 feet high ceiling for better ventilation. The hall adjoining the dinner hall can accommodate spaciously for 20-30 people.
The North-south highway is about 10 kilometers from the homestay.
It Takes 5 minutes drive to Kluang stadium.
Drive 5 minutes to Kluang Merdeka O’clock Tower.

Kluang Homestay Villa Facilities
One master room equipped with air-conditioned, fan, dressing and dressing table with attached bathroom, fitted water heater. A king size bed and a single bed.
2 rooms with air-conditioned, fan, cabinet with a queen size bed, another with king size bed respectively.
Another room with 15 ft high ceiling with a fan, a single bed, and a queen-size bed.
The Kitchen is equipped with a refrigerator, washing machine and kettle, sink, cup. The dining utensil is provided too.
There is a dining table at the dining hall. hanging with wall mirror, a fan and dim lit light.
In the main hall, there is a set of sofa, a coffee table, and T.V.
We also provide the prayer mat for Muslims with Qibla direction.
An iron board and iron are placed in the main hall corner.
✔ Car Park
✔ TV
✔ Furniture
✔ Kitchen
✔ Fridge
✔ Iron & Ironing Board
✔ Air Conditioner
✔ Water Heater
Kluang Homestay Villa Details
Number of Rooms: 4
Number of Bathrooms: 2
Max Adults: 12
Check In Time: 1400 HOURS
Check Out Time: 1200 HOURS
PRICE: MYR 350.00/Rm400.00 each unit

Confirmation Deposit RM200.00 for each unit

Contact Person: Jamin Wong

Handphone number:# 013-7839857

1 & 3, Jln 14/4,
Tmn Permata 1
86000, Kluang

Kluang Outdoor Activities
It is a day trip Gunung Lambak mounting climb. Enjoy the refreshing air and green lung house. It is only 2 kilometers from the town center.

During March and April, July to August, you don’t need to spend a few thousand dollars travels to Japan for viewing the blossoming Sakura flowers. You can see the here in Kluang.

Gunung Belumut Recreational Forest (Belumut) is a protected forest in central Johor. It is located about 30 km north-east of the town of Kluang. Belumut has a crystal clear stream of clear water, strewn with rocks and a sandy bottom. There are plenty of insects and wild animals. The damselflies are the main stars that attracted the macro photographers that frequent here in a group. Some of us call this place a damselflies heaven.

Healthy Kluang Desa Mutton Biryani Best Favourite Choice

MAY 22, 2017 BY ADMIN

Healthy Kluang Desa Mutton Biryani Best Favourite Choice

Healthy Kluang Desa Mutton Biryani Best Favourite Choice.
Mutton biryani is a healthy nutritional food providing you with immunity power. It is healthy to the body and increases the strength of the bone. You can consume mutton biryani along with the side dishes such as pappadam, salad and pickles.


There are many versions of the origin of biryani. It is mainly origin during the Moghul Empire in the Indian south continent.
But the main basic remain same with many species added to enhance the flavor. It mainly eats the long grain rice in India subcontinent. The Middle East prefers Nan over the rice. 

Hyderabad Biryani

I first tasted the best biryani that I had ever eaten in a restaurant. It was a stone throw away from the main gate of the Osmania Medical College in Hyderabad.  It was extremely hot and spices with fresh dried raisin added into the rice. After 30 minutes devouring, my Iranian friend dashed off to the toilet.

“What happened to you Ali, are you alright?

“Jamin, the mutton was extra hot. I feel the burning sensation around my anus. I am not used to taking hot chili spices food back home.” he explained.  

Desa Biryani

Without tasting the finger licking Desa Biryani, a visit to Kluang is not completed. The Desa biryani is a double story shop lot situated parallel to the main road between Kluang and Air Hitam. It is a traffic light junction before you take a left turn, in front of the Petronas kiosk. It is a sibling affair business runs for almost 2 decades by two brothers in Taman Desa, Kluang. 

Sold out

In the normal day, it starts to serve the throng of customers queuing up as early as 10.30am. 2 large pots of Basmati long grain rice  would be finished by 12.30pm. I feel sorry for the late comer. You can choose either mutton or chicken with side order like pappadam beside the cucumber and pineapple achar. Or you can be sipping a cup of cool lemon ice refreshing drink to round up your meal.

Since it occupies only one shop lot, the customer prefers to pack their food eating in the cool comfort in the office or at home. This is a setback for this shop. Once you have eaten, you would come back for more. People eat with full perspiration under the fan as along as the food is authentic and delicious.


The nutrition information of mutton biryani: 600 calories, Fat: 20 and carbohydrates: 40g.  

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